Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1: Happy new year!!

Happy 2009!!!!
We had a very relaxing day today. We went out for a walk and the kids had a blast playing in the snow, came back and had a late lunch. We called all our friends & family & wished them. I took lots of photos, I'm still not happy with the processing and the fact that after 2 years, I'm still using the camera in auto mode, but my resolution this year is to learn using my camera in manual mode, so I'm very excited about this project.
Today's photos:)
Love this photo of my sick(the usual cold, cough etc) kiddo & tired husband,lol.

A very rare photo of my little monkey standing still:)

Maanasa & her favorite breakfast - strawberry cheese:)

Maanasa showing off her new snow suit.

Maanasa having a fun time in the park.

Yes, this is me, one of my resolutions is to make sure that I'm also in atleast a few of the photos:)

She was trying to sweep off the snow from the park bench, when I asked her what she was doing, my little girl told me that she was making sure that the bench is not wet so that 'some grandpa' can sit there. Love my little girl.


  1. Great pictures! Looks like 2009 started out a little sleepy (here, too)! Happy New Year!

  2. Oh I love your photos!!!!!!! It looks like so much fun! And it's awesome to see you in a photo!!!!

    (and it's letting me comment here! lol!)

  3. you're off to a great start, raji! wishing you a blessed new year!

  4. You guys look like you had a wonderful new years!!! I LOVE your photos, your family is so gorgeous!

  5. What a delightful post Raji!!! So nice to see you in the photo with your little darlings :-)


  6. Love the photos. The girls are growing up so fast and they are so cute! I love that you got in the picture too. Happy New Year Raji!

  7. Looks like fun! Wish we had some snow here.

  8. Wonderful pictures, and great start of the year!!

  9. Gorgeous photos Raji!! Love to see you there too :)

  10. Wonderful photos Raji!!! wish we had snow here!!!

  11. raji - I wanna see more of your pics. come one girl! hugs to you,